Features Rich MultiVendor Marketplace Shopping App

MultiVendor Marketplace app is fully synchronized with the CedCommerce Magento Marketplace store. This will provide customer's best shopping experience and best vendor shop management.

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Features Rich MultiVendor Magento Shopping App

Barcode Scanner

Barcode facilitates instant search. Just scan the barcode, and the same product, if available in your store, shall appear.

QR Code scanner

Just scan the QR code and send it. The receiver gets the code, if the receiver has the magnetive app, the product will open in the app.

Voice Search

Easily navigate between category, orders, login, address, profile, wishlist, store, cart/bag, checkout and menu pages with the voice search options.

Customize Design

Make your app look more appealing. Change the design of the drawers and categories to create the best combination for your business’ interest.

App Analytics

MultiVendor Marketplace app powered by google analytics, By using App analytics feature merchant can learn more about the activity of customers and vendors.

Coupon Support

MultiVendor Customer app support magento coupon feature by using coupon code customer can apply the discount on their cart.

Share your Products

Customers can share marketplace products on different other apps. This will boost the sales of the products on store.

Native App

MultiVendor marketplace mobile app is fully native app. It is using the features of the devices, This provide most realistic user experiance on the app.

Currency support

Customer can change the currency of the store as per the different store vew option provided by magento. This will help customer to make purchase in his desired currency.

Fully Synchronize

MultiVendor Marketplace mobile app is fully synchroinize with the magento store, So Each tome users get the most updated data on their apps.

Magento app push notifications

Promotion Notification

MultiVendor Marketplace app provide push notification functionality, By using this feature merchant can spread promotional sales information directly to customers hands. This infuse confidence for shopping inside customer.

MultiVendor Shopping App Attraction

MultiVendor Marketplace customer apps is lightning fast for the usage. It boost the loading time for the apps dofferent pages. Most of the layouts are already exist in app so the app just need only data part to show inside it. Caching technique also implemented in each app so that every app is much fast. MultiVendor Marketplace app is working on all the mobile devices Android, IOS, Ipads and Windows (Coming soon).

Magento app all type products support

All Product Type Support

MultiVendor Marketplace Customer app supporting all types of the products support. This allow customer to add to cart any type of the products to the cart and make checkpout.

Magento app instant contact

Instant Contact

MultiVendor Marketplace app provide instant contact feature to the app so that in any case the customer is facing any issue and want to have a contact with the merchant so on the go he can reach to merchant by using google maps and instant call feature.

magento mobile app multi language

Multi Language

MultiVendor Marketplace app support different language support to app. Merchant can choose for the different language translation at the time of app generation process. Magento store multi store view basis apps language also changes.

Magento mobile app social login

Social Login

Social Login is one of the most required feature of any eCommerce app today. MultiVendor Marketplace app providing login / signup feature to their customer on MultiVendor app.

Magento mobile app no coding

No Coding Required

MultiVendor Marketplace app is prebuild app where all the coding stuff has been done by us. Merchant just need to reach our interactive dashboard by using different controls there Merchant can build the Marketplace app.

Magento mobile app no coding

Multi Theme Available

MultiVendor Marketplace customer end app is having different three home page layout support which can be choosen easily at the time of the app design process. Color scheme can also be choosen at the time of the app design. You can match your brand with the app.

magento mobile app wishlist


Customer can use MultiVendor Marketplace Cusotmer end app to add the products to the wishlist for creating the future purchase collection of products. Customer can reach to the wishlist area and add product to the cart easily.

Best app comes out from best features

CedCommerce always focused to provide the best solution is very minimum prices. MultiVendor Marketplace is one step more in that direction. Any merchant can build Marketplace app using App design dashboard in just few minutes.

Features Rich Shopping App Magento App multiple filter

Multi Filter & Sorting

MultiVendor Marketplace Customer app is having some very useful features to the customers point of view. Customer always expecting from any eCommerce app to reach to their desired products very quickly and easily. So to find the desired products on the basis of their attributes make easy to find them. MultiVendor Marketplace app providing such feature to filter by using multiple attributes at a single filter. Beside the Multiple attribute filter app have features to sort the products on the basis of names, positions and prices basis.

Features Rich Shopping App Design Magento mobile app

Design your App to match your shop brand

MultiVendor Marketplace Customer app is highly customizable app which allow Merchant to customize it as per their creativity. MultiVendor Apps already providing three different themes for the customer app. Merchant can choose them to best suited layout for their store. Apart from this MultiVendor Marketplace app is providing options to choose the logo for the app, set appropiate color scheme, set welcome splash screen as per their choice, Choose the launcher icon.

MultiVendor magento mobile app wishlist

Vendor's Dedicated Shop Pages

MultiVendor Marketplace Customer app providing feature to view the profile of each vendor's, Customer can view the all details of the customer. Vendor contact information, address, email, country details. Eye catching banners increase the look and feel of the shop. By this way each shop can be distinguish easily between other shops also.

MultiVendor Features Rich Shopping App Vendor Shop Collection page

Vendor's Review and Rating

MultiVendor Marketplace Customer App each vendors information provided on the product view pages. Vendor can visit directly to vendor's profile from product view pages.

MultiVendor Marketplace Customer app provide features to rate and review the vendors for their services. Each vendors review and rating is visible on their shop pages as well shop listing page. Customer can visit on the vendor shop page and write a new review for the vendors.

MultiVendor Features Rich Shopping App Design MultiVendor Magento mobile app

Vendor's Shipping and Payment Support

MultiVendor Marketplace Customer App vendor can set the shipping methods availability at the time of checkout process customer can choose them and place order for vendors products. Vendors are free to ship their products to the customer location by choosed shipping methods.

MultiVendor Marketplace Customer app allow vendors to recieve payments directly using Paypal Adaptive payment method and stripe payment.

MultiVendor magento mobile app wishlist

Vendor Shop Collection

MultiVendor Marketplace Customer End app is having the Vendor Shop collection page. Customer can browse the ant selective vendors shop by Marketplace app. There is also feature available to search vendor on the basis of Country, State, City, Zip code or by Vendor name. Resulting Vendors collection will be listed out with their Shop name and interactive Banner. Sorting is also available so customer can sort on the basis of shop names.

MultiVendor Features Rich Shopping App MultiVendor Magento mobile app advance search

Advance Search Feature

MultiVendor Marketplace Customer app provides features to search the products inside app. When customer is typing any text in search field it providing the auto suggestion related to the keywords. Using advance search feature customer can also filter the products on the basis of the different attributes to reach desired products.

MultiVendor Magento mobile app advance search

All Payment method support

MultiVendor Marketplace app is supporting all types of the payment methods for the customer app. Merchant can use any payment method using MultiVendor Marketplace app.

Large Payment Methods Support

MageNative support Mazor popular payment methods to provide hassle free transaction to your eCommerce mobile app.

Features Rich Shopping App

2 Checkout

Features Rich Shopping App


Features Rich Shopping App

Cash On Delivery

Features Rich Shopping App

CC Avenue

Features Rich Shopping App


Features Rich Shopping App


Features Rich Shopping App

Master card

Features Rich Shopping App

Pay Mill

Features Rich Shopping App

Bank Transfer

Features Rich Shopping App


Features Rich Shopping App


Features Rich Shopping App


MultiVendor Marketplace Vendor App Features

MultiVendor Marketplace App is fully feature loaded app which motivate vendors to choose the app to manage their shop. Vendor can perform most of the operations from app which they perform from web dashboard.

Compact Dashboard

MultiVendor Marketplace Vendor App dashboard is full of information screen where vendor can get an overview of recent activities perform on his shop. Vendor uptodate for the Sales related activity, All approved / disapproved products list, total earning and lots of other usefull information there.

Social Login

MultiVendor Marketplace Vendor App is powered by social account logins. Vendor can choose their Facebook or Google account to signup or login. There shop will created instantly and they only need to add the shop url and shop name to give request to live their shop. Once shop approve they can start their sales related activity.

Manage Products

MultiVendor Marketplace Vendor App providing feature to manage vendor's products on the app. Vendor can easily add any type of new products to their shop, can update any information on shop. If they want to stop listing of any particular product on the shop they can also perform this activity on shop using Vendor App.

Manage Orders

MultiVendor Marketplace Vendor App is providing feature rich managing orders section. Where they can view all the vendor related orders to their shop. Vendor have also privilege to Process orders on their shop orders. They can easily view details of orders, generate invoice, generate shipment and creditmemo.

Push Notification for Vendors

To provide latest information feed to vendors MultiVendor Marketplace Vendor App is having feature to recieve the order related feeds that means any order recieved to a particular shop of vendor that vendor will recieve a notification that a new order has been recieved, Vendor can view and process order simply from app.

Easy Reporting

MultiVendor Marketplace Vendor App is built to provide easy reporting section for the vendor shop. Any vendor can recieve the information about their sales activity and products reporting. They can easily find out which month / week is having larger sale or which product is most popular.