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MultiVendor Marketplace Mobile App

CedCommerce Marketplace is one of the very popular marketplace software for Magento eCommerce platform. Marketplace is a shop where many sellers can come across and list their products. Those products are open for sale to all over the customers.

We splited the CedCommerce Marketplace app in two diffrent apps.

MultiVendor Buyer App

MultiVendor Marketplace Buyer App

Multivendor Marketplace Buyer one is the fully customer centric app where customer can come across and place order for vendor's products. All the vendors products for sale will be available for purchase in this app. Customer will also be able to view the vendor shops and their profiles.

  • Buyers dedicated app

    Marketplace focused users are the buyers, They can choose their desired products and make them add to cart then place order for those products.

  • Sellers Products publications

    Sellers can post their products to the marketplace using their mobile devices via MultiVendor Marketplace App. Admin will review the products and product will make live on Marketplace.

  • Choose your Seller and Dedicated shop page

    Here in Buyer app customer will get the functionality to select the appropriate seller. By choosing the seller customer can reach to the seller shop page as well customer filter the products of sellers as per requirement.

Wide Range availability

Wide Range Product Availability

Customer alway benifited by wide ranges products available of different variety at one place. Also customer will take advantage of competitive prices.

Vendor Review and Rating

Review and Ratings for Seller

Customers can review the sellers and can rate them as per service of sellers. Review will decide the performance of any marketplace shop.

most payment support

Most Payment Method Support

MultiVendor Marketplace app USP is support of most type of used payment method support. There is no restriction of payment method support with Buyer App.

Marketplace Vendor App

Marketplace Vendor App

MultiVendor Marketplace brought the second app for the Vendors. Vendors are the most important entity of Marketplace. Vendors are coming to any marketplace and got themselves register. After verification of their account they are eligible to list products on marketplace.

  • Seller can register through app

    Vendor can register themselves manual signup as well Social login account signup is also possible.

  • Add Products for Sale

    Vendor can add their products by the app easily. Product approval/disapproval notification will send to vendor instantly.

  • Manage & Process orders

    Any order placed for the vendor products, instant notification to vendors. Vendor can process order very easily.

Manage Transactions

Manage Transactions

Marketplace Admin will release the payments for the vendor completed orders, These payment can be handle easily by transactions.

vendor review and rating

Vendor reviews

Every vendor is available to list the products on marketplace, so on the basis of product qualities, and services customer can rate and review to vendors.

vendor settings

Set Shipping and Payment Methods

Vendor can set his shipping and payment methods by using his app. On the basis of the shipping method rates will show.

Our Packages

We are providing Basic and Platinum versions for major ecommerce platform to build up their native app.

MultiVendor Marketplace Basic App [M2] Convert CedCommerce Marketplace magento store to MultiVendor Mobile App
$599.00 $499.00
MultiVendor Marketplace Platinum App [M2] MultiVendor Marketplace Platinum App [M2] facilitates vendors to manage their shops any where any time.
$999.00 $699.00


Full featured MultiVendor Marketplace app for magento

Become a Vendor

Marketplace app will provide feature to become a vendor for any user. By providing the details of the shop it can be created and live instantly.

Products Management

By using marketplace app any vendor can add his sort of products on the site easily. All type of the products can be easily added using the app as well instantly add the images of the prodcuts using app.

Manage Orders

If any order placed across to the vendor products then instant notification send to the vendor on his app. Vendor can process the order by create shipment and create the invoice of the items.

Vendor Review and Rating

Customer can post his shopping experiance to the vendor on the marketplace. Vendor can view all those Review and rating for his shop.

Set shipping and payment methods

Vendor can set their desired shipping method to the vendor shop. Also he can set the payment method details by which medium he wish to recieve the payments.

Customizable Theme

CedCommerce Marketplace app can be easily customize to match as per your brand. It is highly customizable app which can be modified to match your shop need.